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I’ve been a big fan of OneNote for quite a while now and in starting a new role I’m trying to use it more intelligently.

One of the things I’m doing is splitting out my ‘tactical’ doing tasks from my ‘strategic’ planning tasks.

Fundamentally, moving forward both lists needs different parts of my brain.

The tactical tasks need me to engage my active side so that I can respond to emails, arrange and attend meetings or write some reports.

The strategic tasks need something different – they need for me to build!

When time is short the tactical tasks seem more pressing and tend to take over. This feels good for a while, I’ve ticked off a few tasks meaning instant gratification and a sense of achievement. The problem is that the tactical tasks are very often about keeping the status quo, not about delivering change.

Making time to build is key to delivering on future commitments. As a leader, one of our biggest challenges is ensuring we create the future. Creating a vision for the future then drawing this back to today by deciding on the stepping stones required to get us there is a key trait of any leader.

By separating out the lists, I can be clear on what part of my brain I am using and can allocate my time better to ensure I deliver on both parts of my role.

If you want to get beyond your daily tasks, make time to build!