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In order to create change we need to have sponsorship – from peers and our seniors. Without it, we are just the dissenting voice in the corner of the room.  The best way to win sponsorship comes in two steps:

  1. Describe the current issues – to paint a vulgar picture!
  2. Give people the confidence that we can paint a better one.

Without the need to exaggerate, describing all the issues we accept today means we can start to tell a story that pushes for change. It might be a lack of resource that is hindering progression or it might be lack of collaboration between teams. By painting a vulgar picture of all the issues, we can provide real clarity on these failings.

Step two is much harder. Not only do we need to have the creativity to paint a new picture, but the expertise and the right relationships to make people believe we can do it.

Doing Step one without having done the groundwork for Step two means we’ll be seen as a moaner.

So, build your knowledge and develop your relationships before you paint a vulgar picture!