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Whenever I start a new project or deliver change, it feels daunting – like I’m facing a mountain at my gates.

Over time, I’ve built up some good tactics to help me overcome this feeling.

First, I begin with the end in mind. I’ve taken this straight from the Stephen Covey playbook and it really does work. By having a clear picture of what outcomes you want to deliver at the end of the change is a great way of focussing your thinking; and giving others confidence in your ability to deliver the change required.

Next, I think about the steps required to get to the end. Breaking down the project helps it feel achievable and not just an aspiration with no backing. It also helps others to see the role they can play in helping to reach the goal.

Finally, I think about what skills and resources are required to deliver the project. Is it more people? What knowledge and experience will they need? Is it a system? What is the business case to get the funding approved?

Change can feel daunting in the beginning, that’s why so many people shy away from it.

Use these three steps and climb the mountain at your gate!


(If you haven’t seen this video, watch it on a tablet device and turn the screen as you view – so cool!)