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There is a strange trend I’ve noticed recently. People need to be seen to be busy.

I suppose in today’s economic climate and times of austerity, the thinking is that if they are perceived to be busy then how could anyone possibly get rid of them?

The big question is, “Busy doing what?”

Most people fill their time with tasks designed to fill time – attending meetings, doing emails and writing reports that few people actually read.

The irony is that none of these tasks are really going to move us away from the issues we are facing.

We need to make time for thinking, reflecting and strategising! With this in mind I am creating a new concept – it’s called “Amber Time”

Amber time is where you use your time to think, reflect and create strategies to move yourself and your team/business away from being stuck on amber.

You can decide when you do it and how long you take but every week you need to put some Amber Time in your diary.

Think about the goals you’ve not yet achieved and how you could do things differently in the future.

Reflect on where you want to be in three years’ time and what the stepping stones are for you to get there.

Strategise on how you can creating winning scenarios and what resources or skills you need to achieve those goals.

And if your boss asks what you are doing, tell them you are having your Amber Time and that I said that you could!