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“Queen takes Pawn, check or checkmate”

I shared a story recently about the learning experience gained when playing a game of chess for the first time in a while. Little did I know that by playing chess I was also developing my strategic abilities and negotiations skills.

Speaking to The Australian newspaper, former political advisor John Adams suggests that playing chess aids the development of mathematical and strategic skills. It also mirrors the negotiation process with opponents seeking to outwit each other and get the better of the person on the other side of the table.

This exactly mirrors the perspective I drew from my previous post…

  • I talked about how I enjoyed taking the time to think about my next move and the move after that – to strategise!
  • I also talked about how after a while I started to recognise that I was only thinking about my own moves and needed to think about the strategy of my opponent – to empathise!


So if you want to learn to get your way….then play some chess!


If you want to read the full Australian article – click here.