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Yesterday I took my children to the cinema and after buying our tickets we headed for the screen. As we reached the corridor taking us there we were greeted with a large queue which we dutifully joined.

After about five minutes of waiting I realised that we were about to miss our film so I stepped out of the line and asked the attendant if this actually was the queue for our film. It probably comes as no surprise to find out that the queue was actually for another film and that we could go straight in.

So, the moral of this little story is that should never automatically join the queue. It feels comfortable because that’s what everyone else is doing but we should all make our own choices.

The other piece to remember is, if in doubt – ask!

I might have felt foolish for about five seconds if I had been told that this actually was the queue for my film but surely that’s better than feeling frustrated for much longer if we had actually missed the beginning of our film completely because we were too busy queuing!