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Each Friday as part of this blog I share a few things that I have loved during the previous week. It might be a book, a film, a podcast or something less tangible like a behaviour or a feeling. This week’s post includes a Martian, a Monk and taking ownership.

Last Sunday I watched The Martian which, for those that don’t know, is a film starring Matt Damon as an astronaut marooned on Mars who has to overcome a number of barriers in order to survive whilst a rescue mission is undertaken. The whole cast are excellent, I was absolutely hooked and without spoiling the plot the ending is incredibly gripping.

Leadership Wisdom from the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma is a book I have read several times. After getting it back from a friend I couldn’t help but delve back into the pages. Reading this book helps me reset my behaviours back to where I want them to be. I think we all get stretched, pulled and pushed by the stresses and strains of our daily lives and sometimes this means we take shortcuts or adopt habits that aren’t what we would want them to be. All of Sharma’s books, but this one in particular, assist in recalibrating my thoughts so that I can show my best self.

The final thing I have noticed this week is how, when the pressure is on, lots of people look to point the finger at others rather than taking ownership for their part in the problem. As leaders I think it is our duty to reverse this trend and whenever a big decision needs to  be made, run towards the problem. There’s no doubt that this will result in you feeling more pressure and from time to time you might get things wrong. But, by demonstrating your commitment and learning from the experience I think you will not only show your qualities to those around you but also develop a lot more than those who look to point the finger or run the other way.