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Today I am running a 10k race in Huddersfield. For those that don’t know Huddersfield is an incredibly hilly part of West Yorkshire, England.

This will be the third time I have run this course, it’s the toughest race I have run but I love it!

I am sure there are those watching the runners as we pass by their houses thinking, “Look at those fools on the hill.”

For me that is the whole attraction.

Whilst I enjoy the speed of a flat course and the vanity of recording a fast time, I really like the challenge of competing against the inclines and testing myself to keep going when physically and mentally everything is saying, “STOP!”

Running like most things in life shows that when you battle through the difficult challenges everything else is a little easier.

So, who are the fools?

Those who take it easy and coast on the easier path in life or those that challenge themselves and enjoy the benefits of pushing for improvement?