Each Friday as part of this blog I share a few things that I have loved during the previous week. It might be a book, a film, a podcast or something less tangible like a behaviour or a feeling. This week’s post includes World Book Day and Bonsai trees.

World Book Day. For anyone that didn’t know yesterday was World Book Day, it certainly captured the imagination in my house and in the local school. Everyone got dressed up as a character from their favourite book and from what I could understand some people went to quite a length to be that person. The best thing of all is that it got people excited about reading which with the prevalence of Xbox, PlayStation and a whole range of tablet devices is a hard thing to do. For me there are not that many things better than becoming engrossed in a book and one idea, sometimes just one single comment, can stretch your thinking to a whole new level. I hope the excitement for books carries on beyond the day and I look forward to seeing what characters are popular in a year’s time.

Bonsai Tree. I was given a Bonsai tree as a gift when I recently left my old job and I must say for someone who would never consider himself green fingered I am really enjoying looking after it. For the first few weeks as it became accustomed to it’s new surroundings it started to lose a few leaves and I was really worried that I wasn’t caring for it properly. But with the right approach to watering and finding the right place in my house for temperature and sunlight, it appears to be in rude health. I pruned it for the first time this week and I loved the process of focussing on each small area of the tree to carefully cut away any old leaves and make space for the new ones to grow. It felt quite therapeutic!