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The new series of House of Cards came out on Netflix yesterday.

When I was travelling around Australia I came across, and really enjoyed, the original books in the various youth hostels that we stayed in. I also vaguely remember the original BBC series in the early 90s.

This historic connection drew me to the series but it doesn’t explain why I like it so much.

Why do I like it?

Because of Frank Underwood. He is brilliantly played by Kevin Spacey but that isn’t even half of why the character fascinates me.

Why do I like Frank Underwood?

After all, he’s a narcissistic maniac with homicidal streak that has seen him commit murder and many other crimes.

But, at the same time….

  • He strategic and always has a plan.
  • He’s resilient, no matter what the situation, he tries to use it as a positive.
  • He’s prepared to work harder and dig deeper than everyone else to achieve his goals.

Perhaps we should all be a little more ‘Frank’!