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Inspired by yesterday’s post with a soundtrack by Ben Lee I was reminded of an idea I had a while ago which was to do a ‘Ben Lee Week’ of posts. So here goes….

Almost everyone says they want to grow in some way or other, but do they have the will to grow?

Having the will to grow means abandoning long held beliefs in favour of new ones that are more helpful for the future. Acquiring those beliefs though takes time to reflect and the ability to push though your fear when the resistance is telling you to stop.

Having the will to grow means getting comfortable with failure, for a while at least.

Leaning anything new means we need to go through the ‘curve’.

First there is the initial excitement from taking on a new challenge, then comes the despair of realising that it doesn’t come naturally and it’s actually going to take dedication to master the new skill. Finally, through perseverance we develop our skills and with that comes the confidence to outwardly display the new areas of growth.

Sadly, many people stop before they reach the final stage. For them, the fear of failure is greater than the benefits that come from growth.

What about you?

Do you have the will to grow?