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If we want to deliver a change within our team or organisation then the best way to do this is to find the influencers who will share our message. Make our message like a virus and it will pass from one person to another.

The standard approach that is expected of leaders is to stand up at the front of the group and with a flashy set of PowerPoint slides we will magically convince the whole audience that our change is the right way to go.

The reality is that only a third of the people will believe us, a third will be against the change and a third probably won’t even be listening! That’s not great odds….

I once heard a phrase that went something like, “Few people will believe what you tell them, many will believe what their friends tell them, but everyone will believe what they tell themselves.”

If we take the time to find the people who will take our idea and allow them to spread the message through their conversations, our odds will improve.

Find the people who will share your message with passion and watch the virus spread. Pretty soon everyone will, ‘catch your disease’.