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I wrote recently about the productive habits of Hemingway. One of them being how he used the early hours of each day to great effect.

Writing this has coincided with a period where my body-clock seems to be on waking me up at about 5:00 each morning. At first I was worried that these early starts would be detrimental to the energy I have for the rest of the day.

However, after a few weeks I’m starting to think that there is only an ‘up-side’ to this new habit I seem to be forming.

The starts are giving me so much more time in the day to accomplish things without interruption. What’s more I don’t feel any more tired as the day progresses.

Having this time has helped me focus on the big changes I need to make and give me the opportunity to focus on planning them before all the noise that comes with each day gets in the way.

I’m also noticing the stillness of the day this time. As I write this, it is springtime in the UK so most mornings I get a great view of the sun rising in the distance and the dew melting away.

I’m not sure why my body clock has decided to do this and for you it may be difficult to form this as a habit but a few weeks in I can really recommend it.

So, wake up….It’s a beautiful morning!