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Do you want a fool proof way to challenge the naysayers and serial critics in your business?

Do you want a tactic that will help you get your ideas accepted and implemented despite the throng of people who belong to the “it’s not my idea” brigade?

When presenting your idea wait for the inevitable, thinly veiled questions designed to muddy the waters and take you off course.

The typical response is to argue back. The natural reaction to this challenge against your thinking is to reply with a stream of logic showing how well you have considered the different angles.

But what if we took a different approach?

What if we paused and simply asked the question, “How can you improve the idea” or something like, “That’s a great question, what do you think would help make this better?”

Straight away the direction of the conversation will be different. Rather than a binary discussion debating right versus wrong; the conversation will either turn to the possibilities for improvement or the naysayer will be shown what they are by their lack of ideas.

In the words of the song, “Build something, build a better place and make it home”

It’s getting better (man)!