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Communication is about getting others to buy into our thoughts and feeling as well as the logic in our approach. If we want to move others they need to see this emotion.

I’ll be honest by saying that this is something I find difficult to do at times.

If all we want to do is create a channel for the transmission of our idea, don’t book a meeting or hold a conversation, just send a report. But don’t be surprised if only a few people read it and a fewer number actually buy into the idea.

If we want people to join us in championing the idea, they need to feel our passion and they need an opportunity to test their assumptions.

Putting our ideas out there in this way is a brave thing to do. People might not agree. They may have an even better idea. We will never know until we make the connection.

The alternative is our ideas die in the pages of an unread report or lost in the daily deluge of emails.