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I’m a chocoholic.

Every day by 9pm, if I haven’t had my daily fix I will really start to crave chocolate with a cup of tea. I’ve tried several times to stop but the longest I can last is a few days before I gorge myself.

All of that changed a few weeks ago when my son started to study Brazil as a school project. Part of the project was free study where each child could pick a certain aspect of Brazil and create a portfolio of projects about that topic. Most of the boys in the class chose football or the upcoming Olympic Games. My son chose deforestation of the Amazon!

As part of his research, he found out that a big contributor to deforestation was huge areas were being cut down to make space for the trees that produce palm oil to support chocolate manufacture.

He also found out that within the next 25 years we are likely to find 28,000 species native to this area will become extinct.

As a result he decided there and then to stop eating chocolate and enlisted my support in his boycott.

All those times when I had tried to stop eating chocolate and failed seemed to pail into insignificance. As did the daily need to get my fix of chocolate.

Why was I able to break the cycle this time?

What was different now that meant I was able to fight the habit?

Supporting my son in his moral stand against deforestation was greater than my need for chocolate.

I think more than anything else it was because I “gotta reason”!