Each Friday as part of this blog I share a few things that I have loved during the previous week. It might be a book, a film, a podcast or something less tangible like a behaviour or a feeling. This week I want to focus on the Jungle Book, an interesting evening I spent this week at a Bettakultcha event and my return to the football field.

Jungle Book. I posted recently about how much I enjoyed Kung Fu Panda 3 as much for the life lessons served up by various characters as the pure family entertainment. Jungle Book was just pure entertainment for me (although they did use the Kipling poem about the strength of the wolf that inspired this post) but still enjoyable all the same. The actor who plays Mowgli (Neel Sethi) is great considering most of what he had to interact with would have been CGI backdrops whilst Idris Elba plays a very menacing Shere Khan. My personal favourite though is Bill Murray with his portrayal of the lazy bear Baloo.

Bettakultcha. On Tuesday this week I attended an evening of PowerPoint slides and presentations! It probably sounds very boring when you put it like that but it was anything but!

Bettakultcha is based on the Japanese craze Pecha Kucha and has gained popularity in lots of the cities near to where I live. The basic rules are that you get 20 slides, each slide will appear for 15 seconds so you have 5 minutes in total to speak – about whatever you want! That’s it.

My friend and guest poster on this blog, Paul Smith, presented about having a boring name that then took an hilarious look at some of the weird and wonderful names out there. Whilst another presenter shared some of the amusing graffiti he has spotted. There were also some serious topics as one presenter talked about a project he has supported I to provide clean water Liberia.

A great night and if there is anything like that happening near you why don’t you check it out? If not, why not organise one?

Returning to the football field. I’ve played football for as long as I can remember and competitively since I was about 10 years old. About 18 months ago though I decided I wanted to try my hand at long distance running so stopped playing in favour of training harder for my races.

I thought it was the right decision, I enjoy running and the challenges I set myself to compete against the clock by beating my previous best times was a great motivation. I am in between races at the moment though so accepted an invitation to play a game of football with some work colleagues last night.

What I found was that I still enjoy it immensely. The motivation is different and the competition of beating the opposition in a tackle, making a great pass or scoring a goal really appeals to my combative streak.

I was thinking last night about how I could fit more games into my week but perhaps the way my aching bones feel this morning I may reconsider that decision…..