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The day I met Seth Godin….

Last November I was lucky enough to attend a speaking event that Seth Godin was holding in London. As frequent readers of this blog will know, Seth is one of my heroes.

During the lunchtime session Seth offered to sign any of the books he had offered as a ‘free prize’ for attending the event. I dutifully joined the queue and awaited my turn.

When I got to the front of the queue I found that my tongue had suddenly increased in weight ten-fold and as my brain raced the only thing I could say was “Thank You”.

To make matters worse, when Seth asked whether ‘Chris’ started with a ‘C’ or a ‘K’ I could only look at it him like he had asked me to solve the theory of relativity!

I eventually stammered out that it started with a ‘C’, got my book back from Seth and scuttled off to finish my lunch.

It was a window of opportunity to meet one of my heroes and I blew it. I was tongue tied.

But, if I’m ever in the same situation again, with Seth or any of my other heroes, I’ll make sure I am better prepared.

I won’t be so tongue tied!