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When we are born we are an individual but as we grow we are conditioned to fit in. From our parents, our school mates and our teachers we are taught that standing out is a bad thing.

The irony is that fitting in makes us expendable once we get older. Being the same as everyone else means we become a commodity. We are seen as interchangeable, something that can swapped out without a thought.

What we should learn is how to be a mis-shape.

What we should learn is how to be creative, how to think differently and how to bring our unique skills to bear.

Being a mis-shape takes guts. We need to be confident in our ability to shape situations and be decisive when the easy thing to do would be to pass on the responsibility.

Ultimately the choice is yours. You could settle for the ‘easy life’ where at any time you could be replaced by a cheaper/faster/younger model or you could strive to be a mis-shape and revel in the opportunity to create.