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The Urban Dictionary describes a ‘Mardy Bum’ as,  “Someone who complains a lot, moans about their life etc. It is a term usually used in the North of England.”

I live in the North of England so I know the term well. I only share the definition in case you don’t know it’s meaning.

I was recently in a meeting someone was being a real mardy bum. They were being argumentative, awkward and uncooperative. The issue was that they were trying (unsuccessfully!) to persuade someone to their line of thinking.

As I thought about it afterwards I realised that it was the fear of their ideas not being accepted that was driving their behaviour. Rather than opening up, the Lizard Brain had convinced them that being stroppy was the right approach.

It really wasn’t.

As I wrote about in a previous post, being genuine, sincere and helpful will help you to develop relationships and with that you will see far more of your ideas flourish.