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Whenever we step into a new role we are expected to come up with a big plan – a strategy!

At the same time, we find that there are a thousand small things that come along taking up time and slowing down the process of change.

It’s tempting to show frustration at all the small things but actually they are a great opportunity to demonstrate our leadership skills and build our credibility.

Here’s how:

  • Dealing with the small things quickly will create traction and demonstrate our ability to deliver on tasks. It provides the business with examples of our capacity to get things done.
  • Small things usually bring with them lower risks so are a great opportunity to test out our new team. Through delegation we can see how others perform in live environments.
  • Success in the small things sets us up for success in the big things. The business will have more confidence because of our track record and are then likely to support the bigger initiatives that are part of our strategy.

So, when all the small things land on your desk. Think of them as opportunities not minor irritations. They are opportunities to create your own culture.