As a keen runner, I have posted several times about the positive physical and mental benefits it can bring.

Over the past few months I have been recovering from an injury – ITB – for any runners reading this, if you have experienced it you will know the pain I have been feeling. For those that don’t, imagine someone taking a 6″ knife to your knee every time you take a step and you’ll be getting close.

After a few failed attempts to get back on the road I decided to give myself a complete break for a month combined with a stretching and strengthening programme. It has felt like the longest month of my life!

Yesterday I turned the corner. I’ve been slowly getting back into running with a few short jogs interspersed with some walking but yesterday I tried my first actual run.

It was only 5k but I felt great afterwards and still do. It feels like my whole demeanour has changed.

My challenge now is to keep to the recovery programme and not go too far too fast!