Being honest I suffer from the odd bout of road rage.

I’ve been known to shout at the car in front for not going quickly enough or drop the occasional expletive when someone doesn’t let me out at a junction. 

I know it makes no difference at all but I feel compelled to do it anyway.

I’ve tried to rationalise why I do it because it makes no sense at all.

Most of the time when I am in a car I am on my own and listening to my favourite songs or a great radio station. These are two of the ways I love spending my spare time, so when I get the chance why do I want to get to my destination as quickly as possible and woe betide anyone who gets in my way!

It doesn’t help and only leaves me more riled than before.

To paraphrase the words of this song, “I should be taking it easy on myself.”

I was sharing my thoughts with a friend who thinks that it is because we feel trapped in our cars. She thinks that the discomfort of being in one position and the distractions of paying attention to the road mean we want to minimise our driving time. She has a point but surely that can’t be the sole reason.

I was recently involved in a minor car accident where someone drove into the back of me.  Whilst I wasn’t seriously injured it has got me thinking about my own driving style and made me determined to be calmer behind the wheel.

I think this new level of awareness has provided me with a choice – to give in to the road rage or not.

So far so good, let’s see how the Monday morning rush hour goes…..