I had an interesting episode involving a bar of chocolate the other day that reinforced for me the importance of customer service.

I won’t mention the (very well known) brand but my son was tucking into some chocolate when he cried out and pulled something from his mouth. It turns out a coin was lodged deep inside. Whilst this was shocking in itself, the poor customer service was just about to begin.

I looked at the packaging to find a way of contacting the company but there was nothing listed.

I went online and completed their complaints form, expecting a pretty quick response. Two days later there was still nothing.

I called the customer service department and was finally put through to a person. They followed a script and said that they would send me out a package so that they could analyse the incriminating evidence.

When they sent through the package the letter was addressed just to my surname.

After their extensive analysis they responded to say that their quality measures were first rate – almost implying that we had planted the coin or were making it up!

I remember a few years ago attending customer service training and they talked about “moments of truth” – those particular times when we engage with our customers and have a chance to ‘wow’ them. In doing so, we have the ability to build loyalty beyond anything that a marketing campaign could deliver or leave them disappointed.

In this particular instance the company probably followed its processes to the letter but when it comes to capturing my loyalty, to paraphrase the song “No they’re never gonna get it, no, no, no”