We all have those situations in our lives where it feels like we are going down a path we have gone down before.

It might be a work conversation, a situation at home or an event with our friends.

In some instances you will like where the situation takes you, in others not so much.

Game theory is the process of modelling the strategic interaction in a situation containing a set rules and outcomes. I don’t pretend to know the finer details of the theory nor could I do it justice in a 300-word blog, but a couple of the things that interest me about game theory are the aspect of “players” and “actions”.

We can predict the intentions and actions of other players in the game. After a while when playing with the same people we can probably get pretty good at this.

The other things we can do is to change our actions.

Where we traditionally react with anger, we can move forward with kindness.

Or where we usually make concessions, we can hold our position for one more round.

Success comes from the emotional intelligence of knowing ourselves and having the bravery to try something different.

There are many ways in which we can change the game, the most effective way is to “pick a part that’s new”!