I spend quite a lot of my time negotiating. At work and at home.

A key part of defining any negotiation strategy is understanding your ‘wish, want, walk’ plan.

Your ‘wish’ is the thing you would like the most – the best outcome you hope you can achieve.

Your ‘want’ is the thing you will settle for – the outcome you would happy to accept.

So far so good…..

It is when we come to the ‘walk’ part of the equation that people often face difficulties.

Most people aren’t prepared to do the hard work of understanding the point at which it becomes a bad deal.

Fewer people then have the courage to say, “this isn’t right for me and I am going to walk away unless we can change the deal.”

As a result, they come away feeling less than satisfied.

We might not know it but we all negotiate far more than we realise.

If we want to be successful, sometimes we’ve ‘gotta walkaway’…..