I love this song. Not only is it a great tune with a fantastic video but for me the cleverest thing is that Mr Brown took time out to make sure that the first letter of every word on each line spells out F E A R.

Try it out…for each a role….for everyman a religion….

I was reminded of this one during the week when I was in a coaching session and the person leading the session wrote out those four letters on the board with his own acronym.





When change happens very often we get lost in the feeling and emotions of it all. We get wrapped up with the stories and gossip that get passed around like a common cold.

As leaders we need to approach these times differently. We need to find ways to rise above it all and find a way to commit to the change, both for our own piece of mind but also for our teams.

It’s not easy, but here is how I think we can do it.

1. Deal in facts. The only way to provide direction is to remove the conjecture so challenge everything to make sure you separate the facts from the feelings and rumours.

2. Ask questions. Be positive and make sure that where there are any areas of uncertainty ask for clarity. The answer might not be immediately available but only by asking the question will you know.

3. Answer the “WIIFM” question. As humans we are pre-programmed to think first about ourselves so helping people to answer the question, “what’s in it for me” will go along way to moving people from resistance to commitment.

4. Be visible. No doubt the change at hand is affecting you too but hiding away will not help anybody. Be there for your team and give your time up to answer questions and help people move through the change.

In the words of Mark Twain, “I have had lots of troubles in my life, some of which have actually happened.” The best way to tackle this is to embrace the FEAR!