I have been struggling with an Achilles injury for quite a while now so recently I turned to swimming to get my cardio fix. In doing so I was reminded of a number of life lessons.

First, if you want to get better at anything you need to practice. When I first started doing the front crawl I could do 50m before I was completely out of breath. Only by staying with it and practicing my technique have I learned how to continuously swim for longer and longer. I can now do 1km straight through with relative ease.

The second lesson, is the power of dopamine! I am absolutely loving the process of learning something new. Fired by this chemical in my brain each article and video I review to help with my technique is giving me a real feel good factor.

The final lesson is a reminder about balance. The singular focus I have placed on running mile after mile has no doubt played a huge role in my ongoing injury issues. When I get back to being able to run I need to ensure I maintain a balance in my exercise routine by keeping the swimming sessions going.