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I’m sure like me you are inundated with spam. Marketing emails desperate to get your attention. Few of them do.

What I’ve noticed recently is a trend where some emails are titled, “Sorry, We Made a Mistake!” or some derivative. There are too many for this to be entirely true.

I’m not sure what disturbs me most, the fact that the human condition means we will be attracted to open an email because we want to see what kind of error has been made or the fact that marketers are willing to exploit that behaviour!

One this is for certain. Seth Godin was absolutely correct when he said “All marketers are liars!”

Should we indulge this strategy by falling for the gimmick and add to the statistics on open rates or click throughs? Or should we resist and force marketers to do the work to understand our problems and desires in order to shape their offerings around them?

(P.S. Yes, I recognise the irony that by naming this post “Big Mistake” I am indulging in the same behaviour I call out above. Perhaps I should write another post about hypocrisy!)