I am familiar with the Buzzcocks as they are inter-mingled into the story of my favourite band – Joy Division / New Order. As a punk band they created some amazing ‘4 minute pop songs’ including this one which will surely go down as an all time classic.

A funny thing happened this morning as I drove my children to school. We had our normal debate (argument) about what we would play en route, my choice being an indie anthem (many of which have featured as soundtracks for posts on this blog) and their choice being to listen to Capital FM with the packaged up dross that gets produced and fed to the masses these days.

Today I won the battle and I started off with this tune as a homage to the recently deceased lead singer. For once, the moans and the groans were non-existent. They listened in appreciation of a wonderfully crafted song that has and will stand the test of time. I swear that by the end they were even singing along to the chorus. Perhaps that was my over active imagination….

Pete Shelley. RIP.