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As we journey further into the connected economy it becomes less about what we know and more about how we engage with others. Rather than our IQ it is our EQ (emotional quotient) that will determine how far we progress in our chosen careers. 

High levels of EQ are borne out of our ability to understand the impact we have on others and how the outside world affects our mindset. 

There are literally thousands of books and articles talking about the “5 ways to achieve emotional intelligence” or the “4 things that high EQ leaders do that others don’t”.

I’m going to make it easier for you by saying it all boils down to one thing – it’s about our ability to “think for a minute”.

Got an important message to get across to your team, think for a minute about the environment you want to deliver it in, the words that will absolutely get your point across with both clarity and humility and the feelings you want the team to walk away with.

Got a presentation to give to a key client that makes you feel sick in your stomach, think for a minute about how you can engage them in the discussion rather than making it a monologue that sends people reaching for their phone or emails to distract them. 

Got a difficult negotiation with a supplier that usually ends up in a war of words, think for a minute about what their needs are, what questions you need to ask to clarify issues and how you can mirror them to reach a successful conclusion and reach an agreement both parties walk away smiling about.

The world is getting faster and faster. I guarantee your future success depends on how well you can slow it down and think for a minute….