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Have you heard of the “Law of Diminishing Returns”? Most of you will undoubtedly nod at this point and think back to those economics or business studies lessons you took where the economies of scale theory was laid out in excruciating detail. 

But What about “The Law of Diminishing Intent”….have you heard of that?

I’m guessing there will be a few puzzled looks out there and a few reaching for google to fill in the gap.

I’ll save you the time…

The law of diminishing intent says that the further in time you move away from a commitment the less likely your are to follow through on it. You make the commitment today, but think you’ll do it tomorrow, tomorrow comes and you’ll probably get around to it sometime until eventually it gets lost in a heap of other unfulfilled promises never to be done.

The antidote is to act at the point of the commitment. Make a plan by all means but above all else take at least one step towards the goal you have set and do it today!