About Stuck on Amber


My name is Chris. The origins of this blog are notes that I started writing for myself whilst on long boring train journeys going from one meeting to the next. So I started to use the music I was listening to on my i-pod to provide some inspiration. After a while I had quite a few notes written and thought about publishing them in some way, but every time I got close the Lizard Brain took over and stopped me. It took a good friend to kick my butt, set up this blog site and literally tell me to start posting. I’m glad that he did.

A lot of people have asked me where the “Stuck On Amber” title comes from and the honest answer is that it’s a song by a 90s band from Liverpool called the Boo Radleys. At the same time I think the phrase is quite ambiguous and can mean a number of things, like being held at the traffic lights or that annoying amber light that most electronic devices have now when they are stuck between on and off. I’ll let you decide which version you prefer.

You can connect with this blog by subscribing on e-mail or through Twitter. If you have an idea about a song that has inspired you and you want to share it, let me know….

5 thoughts on “About Stuck on Amber”

  1. Very interesting concept. And a clever blog name, too 🙂


    • stuckonamber1 said:


      Thanks for the note and for the various ‘likes’ on my posts – it’s really encouraging when people take the time to comment.

      I like the music inspired posts on your blog too!

      All the best.


      Liked by 1 person

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